Urban design

Bosco Jonson has assisted with the delivery of a large variety of groundbreaking developments, from large masterplanned communities to smaller boutique infill projects.

Many of these projects have been recognised for their excellence and innovation with both Urban Design Institute and Property Council of Australia Awards.

Bosco Jonson is able to bring a range of skills to the table. The bottom line is always to deliver a scheme that meets and surpasses the aspirations of every stakeholder and it is here where Bosco Jonson's considerable experience becomes valuable. From site analysis to master-planning to subdivision, Bosco Jonson is able to take all of the factors into consideration and develop a design that considers the regional context, land use and potential yield for the developer.

Over the past two decades, Bosco Jonson has been involved in the development of some of Victoria's most successful new communities. These have come about because of good advice and facilitation. The best solutions can be achieved with the right knowledge and the Bosco Jonson Urban Design welcomes enquiries in from the developers of both large masterplanned projects and smaller infill developments. A good starting point is to tour some of the developments we have helped deliver and to have a clear understanding of the process. Importantly we can manage this for you.

Bosco Jonson Urban Design offers the following services:

  • Site Analysis
  • Context Plans
  • Master Plans Subdivision Design & Layout
  • Yield Analysis
  • Land Use Plans
  • Regional Context Plans.