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Laser Scanning & 3D Modelling

Bosco Jonson has a critical regard for precision in all of the data that it records and then turns into plans , which of course then transforms into accurate projects. This has seen some of the more traditional time honoured methods slowly improve to the point where some project types benefit enormously from the application of laser scanning.

With the correct digital data and the correct information on a plan, you then have the correct field work and no future rejection or legal issues. It is vital that surveying be absolutely accurate. Our Quality Assurance depends on this along with the time saving benefits of laser-accurate information.

The laser scanning technology utilised by Bosco Jonson is similar to traditional survey equipment in that it is tripod mounted. But that is where the similarity ends. 3D Laser scanning technology captures real world conditions to a level of detail and accuracy  that is now state-of-the-art and captures up to one million data points per second at a range of up to 300 metres. Laser scanners then generate what is known as a 'point cloud' of 3D information.  

The real benefits of this technology are clear. These include greatly reduced site visits, with all visible aspects captured and documented quickly and efficiently. This is vital with sensitive sites where access is limited. Importantly, every detail is captured in 3D which is particularly relevant with existing streetscapes and with heritage structures. The end result includes plans that are absolutely laser accurate. The enormously enhanced visualisation of a proposed project is yet another benefit of this technology for every stakeholder.

This new data capturing capability has many applications. Some of these include the documentation, visualisation and as-built 3D modelling of heritage structures, capturing an entire streetscape to show contextually the inclusion of a new development and showing additions to an existing structure. Where once an architect's perspective concept might have conveyed an impression of this information, today with laser technology, this can be conveyed with an accuracy that has never been seen before.  
Applicable to all types of projects this technology is vital for all sorts of infill developments and projects within existing streetscapes.

Talk to Bosco Jonson today about 3D modelling and laser technology and see how we can significantly enhance your planning and approvals process.